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Encounters With Angels

"I believe there are Angels among us". Familiar words to a well known song.
I have never encountered an angel that manifested as the popular idea of an Angel.
White feather wings dressed in a long white robe. I have seen some in my dreams.
I once visited a great learning center (In my dream) that had an impressive beautiful  life like statue of the Arch Angel Michael on a platform in the middle of a small lake. He was a tall  Angel well over 7 foot tall. (In my dream ) The bible mentions that when the Angels came down and fell in love with the earthly women that their off springs were the giants of old. Apparently Angels that visit this world  would sometimes even eat a meal with you and it was possible for them to have a relationship that produced children.. So it may be that they can manifest themselves as ordinary people under different circumstances so not to frighten humans.  I guess the good Lord put a stop to interbreeding with Angels after the great flood.  Now days we don't think of Angel as sexual beings.  But we  do hear of a few encounters with Aliens and people having star children. We are warned that we are to be careful in any encounters with angels as Satan himself  was once a beautiful angel.
Not to be confused with the little red suited fellow with horns and a pitch fork.
I think we have an Angel assigned to us when we are born. One time, a few years ago, I lived on a hill in Arkansas. I had an outside storage room that had a padlock on it. I could not open the lock, did not remember the combination. Finally I prayed aloud to my Angel. I  had no sooner spoke the request than I heard a clear voice in my head giving me a set of numbers. The lock fell open immediately and I never forgot the combination again. A voice from my sub conscious, perhaps, but it if so it sure was loud and clear. I read one time that if you are having trouble with somebody and you want to get along with that person. If talking to them doesn't seem to help, then ask your Angel to ask their Angel to intervene. In the last couple days two people have sent me stories of their encounters with Angels. I would like to hear from you about any  possible encounters with Angels ...

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Our first note  on Angel Encounters comes from Cindy in Mo.
"Yesterday I went to the grocery store because Clif wanted subs for supper. I had just gotten my basket and got to lettuce dept. I heard "Mam" and I turned around and there stood an old lady leading an old blind man. She said "will you read this" and being me I just said "Yes Mam" I looked at what she handed me...A pamphlet the size of a business  card. I just looked for a second and looked back up to them and they were gone. They didn't have a cart or a basket and they were too old to move that fast. I looked around to see if anyone saw this. None seem to. I stood kind of bewildered for a moment, then put the pamphlet in my purse and went on shopping....I got home and took out the pamphlet that seemed to be haunting me. It was called" An Hour With Your Bible." It has a picture with a clock on it that read 4 after 11:00. It had scriptures in it that answered a lot of things I have been praying about. I got to thinking in retrospect how old and pale these  people were. Something makes me think they were angels. 
I can't forget the blind mans look when he kind of wiggled his blind eyes when I said Yes Mam. ...almost a happy look...It was all very strange to me. I told Clif about it thinking he would think I was nuts. He believed me. I told him I thought maybe my angels were tall young pretty people but who knew, they were two old blind and the old lady a grocery store no less."

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