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Binkley's From Lancaster Township Pa. To Ontario Canada.

Excerpts from a letter from Katie
Katie writes to tell us she is a descendent of Johan Marx  (Marcus) Binkley (1748-1805)who moved
to Ontario Canada in 1800. He was from the Muddy Creek area of Lancaster Township, Pa.
and he died in Lancaster, which is near  Hamilton, Ontario Canada.
He was married to Matalena Diessler  and  they had 6 children.
Katie's grandmother was Ruby Dell Binkley .
Her line goes  back

Ruby Dell Binkley (1889-1989) Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
John Morden Binkley  (1962-1936 )Hamilton, Canada.
John Keagy Binkley  (1833-1903) Ancaster, Canada.
John Binkley (1807-1882) Ancaster, Canada.
William Binkley (1784- 1852)  Lancaster Township, Pa. to  Ancaster, Canada.
John Marcus Binckley/Binkley  (1747-1805) Lancaster Township , Pa. to Ancaster,Canada.
Hans Michael Binkley (1712-1775) born  Wahlern, Canton of Bern, Switzerland
and died  in Heidelberg, Berks County Pa.
Christen Binggeli  (1669-1713) Born and died  Guggisberg, Switzerland
Peter Binggeli ( 1631-?) Guggisberg, Switzerland
Peter Binggeli (1593- ?) Guggisberg. Switzerland
Symon Binggeli (1562-?) Guggisberg, Switzerland.
Mr. Binggeli (1536) Guggisberg, Switzerland

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