The Binkley's of Luney Creek
By Steve Binkley

The following pages are from a report that Steve has compiled on his and my Binkley Family
We are related through our great grand fathers being brothers.
Both being the sons of Peter Binkley (1829- )and Henretta  Hauser (1835- )
Peter  was the son of John Binkley and Sarah Mock.
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"John Binkley, Won't you please come home ?"

It is possible that a John Binkley of one of the families that moved to Tennessee,
stayed behind or moved back after reaching adulthood. It is possible that Hance or Hance, Jr. had a son named John , who moved to North Carolina and he is my John Binkley. 
These and other possibilities give me nightmares, but without evidence to the contrary,
I will will continue to look among the sons of John Peter and Frederick. It is easier to tell what I do not know of John Binkley, than it is to tell what I do know. I do not know when he was born.
I can guess that it was sometime in the mid-1780's to mid 1790's. I can guess that as a boy he probably attended  church services
with his family at Concord Methodist Church.
In February 1802 a John Binkley bought  land from William Cain. In November of that year a John Binkley bought land from Isaac Upthegrove.
(According to the Hughes map of Yadkin County, Isaac Upthegrove had a mill on Forbush Creek in 1785) John Binkley's name is signed to a petition dated 7 Oct. 1807 to change the name of Huntsville to Eatonsville  (Didn't work, it 's still Huntsville ) Thus , it would seem that during the first  decade of the 1800  a John Binkley was establishing himself in what today is Yadkin County. This would have been too early for either John, son of John Peter or John, son of Frederick. Nor do I know if this was the John Binkley of my line. Based on tax records, Jay Davis thinks our John Binkley was living in what is now the Enon area of Yadkin County in 1812.

(to be continued)

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