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This is a bulletin board for your use.
Send us any  information about warnings 
or recalls of medicine or medical supplies..
Will post notices of class actions suit on medical product
as a public service (No Charge)

Buyer Beware

  First thing to do is ,when your doctor or what  ever you call your health care person,
 puts you on  new medicine be sure that you tell them ,
or better yet write down a list of every thing you are taking.
 Include Vitamins and non prescription products that you pick up at your local store.

 The second thing you need to do is to  some basic research
 to get information on the  prescription medicine  you are taking.
It some times  takes years for the FDA to figure out that the medicine
may be doing more harm than good.

There is so many new drug product coming out some with little or no testing results,
 that even the best of doctor can not always  realize that some of the  problems
you are having is coming from the pills he is prescribing for you. 
Elder patients sometime are taking so many pills for many different problems
that it can not only be dangerous,  it can be depressing to try to manage them. 

 Some medicine has to be taken on an empty stomach,
 which means  empty before and after the pill goes in.
Some need to be taken with food or they can cause stomach problems. 
Some of your medicine can not be taken at the same time with other prescriptions. There are pills that  interact  with  various foods.

Looking through an article on the internet I was amazed to read that one drug "Fenfluramine"
was sold for 24 years  before it was taken of the market
because it  caused  heart and pulmonary diseases. 
You may remember "Diethyistil Bestrol" that caused tumors in daughters of women who were prescribed it.  Below is a list of drugs and how many years it took to get them off the market .If you want to know more about any one of them just do a search on the internet. It is hard to imagine the million  trusting people who bought these drugs and were harmed by them. 

Baycol (cerivastin)-4years
Vioxx( rofecoxib)- 5 years
Bextra( valdecoxib)-1 year
Resulin( troglitazone)-1 year
Seldane( terfenadine)13 years-
PPA(Phenylpropanolamine -60 years
Posicor  (mibefradil)-1 year 
 ( It was said to have been used by 200,000 people
 and to have caused  123 death and was deadly with 25 different drugs.

These medicines are the past but if we take a look at some of our current drugs that are being handed out like candy we can see a few
that will possibly  make the list in the future
If you are on  any of the following drugs talk to your doctor
and take a second look at them.
You have to be the first line of defense for your body.

Lipitor and Crestor
Yaz and Yasmin
Lyrica, Topomax, Lamictal
Humira, Prolia Infblockers

(  check this one out, it is made from hamster cells )
Chantix- banned from use by pilots, truck drivers , Air traffic controllers
Ambien-Lunesta- Sonata
Sleep aids that have weird effects.
May cause cancer and birth defects.
Extreme caution is needed  as to diet, oral medicines, esophagus and stomach effected.
Prempro, Premarin,
Has a wide range of negative connections to a host of problems

If you ever read how Premarin is made from the urine of pregnant mares
you might find your self quitting it for just that reason.  I did years ago before they even found out the problems with the heart and strokes.

Do you ever wonder how somebody thinks these things up?



Darvon and Darvocet
 Darvon and Darvoce have been taken off the market by their maker.
The Food and Drug Administration has  advised
that  generic versions of this drug be stopped also.
Teva makes a generic  one that is sold at  Walmart.
So be sure and check any prescriptions you have for pain.
Darvon came on the market in 1957.
 Darvocet is  Darvon (propoxyphene) plus acetaminophen (Tyneol)
Various people have been trying to get the Food and Drug Administration to withdraw their approval of this drug since early 2009.  There has even been law suit that alleged that the risks out way  the benefit of this drug and it combination. It is not known to be any more effective than taking the acetaminophen alone. Side effect have  include a connection to suicides, cardiac toxicity, mental confusion and it may cause heart rhythms that can be fatal.
It is especially dangerous for older people.  It is already banned in Britain and Europe.
See your Doctor before stopping if you are in pain and see if he can think
of something else that might help without killing you off.

Diabetic Medicine

Well it seems another Diabetic Drug as bit the dust and been recalled.
I did a search to see how many of these so called wonder drugs had been recalled .
There was 128,000 items listed on Google alone.
Of course many were duplicates but it is still quite a list. .

Most of the drugs recalled in this county are recalled because of their negative effect on hearts.
If you are taking any of the listed names you might want to do an internet search on
the drug as well as talking to your doctor.

Some of the prescription drugs you take  for other health problems,
may cause you to become diabetic.
Risperdal  used in treatment of schizophrenia is thought to be one connected.
Personally in my own case it was only after I started taking thyroid for
a very high TSH reading that I came up diabetic.
It was about this time that my Cholesterol readings shot up also.

An item of interest as I was browsing though recalls was a article on
how a Malaria Drug "Chloroquine" is showing promise that it might be
able to help with metabolic syndrome and could mean help for both high blood pressure
and Diabetes

Came out in about 1999 and it wasn't until 2007
that the FDA gave it a black box warning label.
In additional to heart problems it is also may be linked to bladder cancer
and was known to cause Lactic Acidosis  in users.

Check this one out.
 An oral medicine for type 2 diabetes,
Problems connected ranged from congestive heart failure, embolisms ,
strokes, bone fractures,  and increased hypertension
Despite the fact  it was  recalled in England we have not banned it here..
It got a black box warning issued by the FDA.
Meaning that it could cause fatal side effects.
If you are using birth control pills, taking diuretics, steroids or thyroid,
and on this medicine you might want to get a new doctor.
Or  line up a  lawyers!

 A drug that  was  recalled in 2009 was the drug Mediator, brand name Benflourex
Used in France it was estimated to have cause at least 500 deaths in its 30 year history.
Makes you wonder why someone hadn't noticed that it causes major heart value problems.

 Recalled for chemical contamination from wood pallets
same story we heard about Tylenol recall.

Januvia and Janumet
Recalled in Sept 2009
Problems with Pancreatitis.
Still on the market so check this drug out if you are still using it.
Ad in Sunday paper offers you a few trial of it.
It also warms of the problem with the pancreas.
You need to have your kidneys  checked when using it. .
Side effects in the ad stated that the most common side effects are,
upper respiratory tract infection, runny nose , sore throat and headache.
But claim "it is not known if you have a higher chance of getting it({pancreatis) while taking Januvia"

Rushed to the market in 1997 it had billion in sales by the time it was recalled in 2000
Thought to be responsible for major liver problems for hundreds.
Almost 400 deaths are attributed to it's use.
It was estimated that using this gave the patient a 1200 times chance of liver failure.

Thought to cause anemia and all manner of heart problems and  liver failure.
Also has a black box warning.
Had some kind of recall in 2009
You might want to  research this drug further if still in use.

If you have  the names of any other diabetic drugs that you know were recalled or
banned  or have further information
 send me the information and I will add them to our list.


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