Para Supra Nuclear Palsy
Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy
is a neurological disease  that is caused by damage
to certain areas of the brain. It has certain symptoms
in common with Multiple Sclerosis,  Parkinson,
and Alzheimers disease. 

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We started this page to supply information several years ago. At that time there was little information available. At one time we had the number one page on this subject. However, now  there are a number of informative sites that have resources that enable them to  provide more information and support to the patients and families.

May 12, 2005

Thank  you for writing.
 I am not a medical person either but it is my opinion that the problem with Guam is the nuclear weapons that were dumped that have contaminated the waters of Guam with Stromium which is a heavy metal. I have read that even the coral is loaded with this heavy metal.  I did read one article that linked a neurological disorder on Guam  to a flying fox and the fruit it ate. Neurotoxins from blue-green algae (cyanobacterium) accumulate in brains and may cause AlS/PDC Well this disease sounds  a lot like PSP to me. It is Amymotropic lateral sclerosis /   Parkinsonism dementia Complex. There sample size on this study was too small to draw definite conclusion from but I have to wonder if they factored in the heavy metal contamination on the island that would help them to pin point the cause. I know that there may be a genetic component that might decide which of these neurological disease you develop. But in most cases there is a acumination of heavy metal found in Alzheimer's, Parkinson, MS. I don't know if that is true of  PSP.  Some times there is more than one problem going on with the patient.  Not until the patient is autopsied can the true diagnosis be made.  Especially  in Dementia There are even some people who say that heavy metal are even involved in CDJ or Mad Cow. A lot of people agree that this is an environment problem caused by pesticide, petroleum product and chemical  waste by products. You asked about Phosphorus.

I have not run across any mention of phosphorus being linked in any of my reading. I did note a passage in an article on that mentioned organic phosphate pesticides in relationship to Prion disorders in various motor Neuron disease. I read another  article that the antibiotic Clioquinol helped Alzheimer's. It was thought that it did so by removing heavy metals from the body. They also had to give B12 also as that had to be replaced. There is a test called a "intra-cellular red pack cell study of heavy metals" that can let the doctor know if heavy metals are accumulating in the patient body.  Chelating it out with oral or IV Chelating is thought to be the best way to remove excessive metal. There is a  search going on for a viral or bacteria trigger that might start the process. They have found a link between a common respiratory bacteria Chalamydia pneumoniae and plaque found in the brains of non-hereditary Alzheimer's disease. Up to 90 percent of Alzheimer patients had this in their brains. The researcher were able to trigger these plaques in mice which might indicate the mechanism for what starts the process. There is a Dr. Frank Bastian a pathologist at Tulane University in New Orleans who has been studying chronic wasting disease in animals who links a bacteria "Spiroplasma mirum" (found in rabbit ticks) Although his work is primarily done with animals this bacteria has been found in the brains of people also who have CJD.  Epstein-Barr is a common place microbe. It cause Mononucleosis . It has also been linked to Multiple Sclerosis as well as  to Cancer. They estimate that 83 percent of the children with MS have been exposed to EBV. There is a good printable article on on Progressive Supra nuclear Palsy that you might want to read. Some of the information coming out about Lyme Disease and the spirochete" Borelia Burgdorfei" shows that this disease can mimic a wide range of known disease including ALS, Parkinson's,, M.S., Bell's Palsy and other autoimmune diseases. There is a 7 page article by a Dr. James Howenstine, that is quite informative  located on  site.


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