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Poems About Death or Dying

Not Afraid To Die
by Joan Estelle High

Then I would be free to roam the world to see what I could see.
Or stay at home and read a book, if that's what interested me.
No clumsy body of flesh and bone to hold me to the ground.
I'd swing like a monkey in the trees, no need to walk around.

Visit Monks in old Tibet, see the Dali Lama if he is in town.
Could seek the wisdom of the past and walk on holy ground.
Join the crowd in Times Square and watch the ball go down.
Then when Spring dawns green, I would be southward bound.

Faster than the speeding light, quicker than the speed of sound.
New Orleans, goddess of the night, can be my Springtime town.
She oh so gaily beckons  us and she is dressed up for the fair.
I would ride upon their spangled floats and never have a care.

Next to Ancient Egypt, I'll go to see the palace of the kings.
Study the Pyramids and Sphinx and do lots of other things.
I want to sleep beneath the desert stars, in this land far away.
Ponder about those who lived before, where they are today.

If you should hear, that I have died, please don't grieve for me.
I will be out there, having a ball when at last my soul's set free.

Once to Die
By Joan Estelle High


Even now , before I lay me down to die.
I still don't know the reasons why.
Why do we live if we are born to die?
Who does decide the where and why?

I have heard it said we live but once.
But why can't we live at least twice.
We would have much more time to learn.
And the second chance would be so nice.

The first time that we go around on Earth.
We  do not always understand our lot.
Life is not sometimes fair from our birth.
We sometimes either have or we have not.

So when we are planted under ground.
We would then return a much wiser man.
We could play the hand that life has dealt.
For then we would understand the plan.

If we could shed this mortal shell we wear.
As far above the sky and stars we would fly.
Be free as the wind and then down with care,
We would pick our own space to live and die.

The potter's clay we would reshape and change.
Much wiser now we love  and share and give.
Lots of our past behavior we would change.
As we grew and learned what it means to live.

I guess God is the only one who knows just why.
 If we have really been appointed only once to die.


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