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The Universe

By Joan Estelle High

Did you ever stand outside on summer night and gaze out to stars.
Wonder who choose this place for life but not on Venus or Mars.
Just a small insignificant little piece of rock circling a distant sun
Was it just a random spark in a primal sea and life was then begun

I am sorry but I can not believe that this earth is not a special place
It was furnished with every thing that is needed for the human race.
I donít believe it has developed choice , without a rational mind.
I Ďd be more likely to believe in the theory of " Intelligent Design."

Once God got every thing started , He then turned His creation free.
Then everything was free to develop and be all that they could be.
He created man and other critters from a muddy field of red clay.
He put the man in charge of the place, then He just moved away.

If this Earth is to have any future, it may be up to you and me.
I think God has a non- interference policy.... you may not agree.
But Earth was not Godís first creation and it will not be His last.
He improves the new ones as He corrects the mistakes long past.

He often modifies his designs and make some unusual creatures.
They donít always look like you or me but have different features.
I donít think that weíre truly alone but we are isolated by His design.
God doesnít want us to spoil the others so they canít cross the line.

They would help us but we need to find out what life is all about
As immature infants in the universe we have our own path cut out.
Can we ever hope to communicate with some Alien intelligence.
Well, yes, but it will be for them, like talking to a cow behind a fence.

They often travel through our neighbor hood from an off world location
Like we sometimes have gone to Disney Land for an annual vacation.
I once heard a poet say that we are all atoms in the body of God.
But in reality we are more likely incased in him like some peas in a pod.

The breath of God surrounds us, while it holds the universe in space.
He builds a temple made of stars and makes space a sacred place.


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