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 Poems About Love And Friendships

 Loves Journey
By Joan Estelle High

I was only just a young man in the early Spring time.
When the skies of heaven above wore a shade of blue.
Young love blossomed for me in the early Spring time.
Because the is when I know that I fell in love with you.

I was a little older when Summer came upon the land.
Flowers were now blooming, lovely colors did abound.
Days were long , summer breezes blew across the sand.
When you walked down that aisle in your wedding gown.

I was a man full grown when Fall breezes were in the air.
When those Autumn leaves had started falling to the ground.
Some days the sun forgot to shine, and all the trees were bare.
But we still were lovers when the cool nights came around.

Now I am growing older and there is some gray in my hair.
The days are growing colder and Jack Frost is on his way.
We have weathered many winters still together as a pair.
And yet our love still grows stronger each and every day.

No matter what the seasons bring, whether it's Spring or Fall,
We still do not really know just what our fate is going to be.
But should we ever try to figure out the meaning of it all,
I hope that you will still  be traveling along this road with me.

When our lives journey is all over and our story has been told.
When we have left this place to go sailing towards the light.
I will take your hand in mine as we cross the universe so old.
Holding tight to you as we travel together through the night.

Life is but a journey, Some times the road seems long.
There are hills and valleys and sometimes things go wrong.
But when you find true love, it is the icing on the cake.
And you will never be alone in the choices that you make.

So find yourself a true love and a rich man you will be.
Finding your self a soul mate is some how a mystery.
But if you choose wisely, the journey still may be long.
And there will be days when everything goes wrong.

You will know even if it rains, the sun will shine again.
If you have a mate who is both a lover and a friend

I Kissed You
by Joan Estelle High
June 2003

When I kissed you for the first time, you made my life complete.
Bound my heart to you forever, with a rope of love most sweet.

Then I kissed you in the morning, when the rose was wet with dew.
Kissed you in the early eventide, while stars smiled down on you.

Then I kissed you in the Springtime, when the daffodils come round.
And I kissed you in the Wintertime, when Jack Frost came to town.

Seems I have loved you now forever, and I still love you more today.
Because it is only your sweet kisses , that can make me feel this way.

Some day I will have to leave you,  when my time on Earth is done.
 But I will be waiting for you forever, at the evening setting of the sun.

Then I will kiss you for the first time, somehow our circle to repeat.
Still bound  together now  and forever, with a rope of love so sweet.


Mature Love
by Joan Estelle High

We bank the fires of love, as we are growing older.
Passion cools a white hot flame, suddenly grows colder.

The body thickens with age and fills with aches and pains.
Gonadial love turns a page but ashes of true love remain.

The serpentine Kundalini  rises far above the pelvic floor.
Through the belly's Solar Plexus to open up the heart's door

We blend our souls together our love much deeper than before.
Inhibitions gone, selfishness abated, frees our soul to love  more.

Today a caring tender love has melted our hearts of stone.
Caring for each others needs much more  than we do our own.


How Could I Not Love You.
 By Joan Estelle High
©January 2003


I sat down to write this little poem especially for you.
Trying to get down on paper about our love so true.
 I was hoping  to explain, the love my heart contains
 Our two souls joined , both in sunshine and in rains.

Lots of dreams we shared, in the years that we spent.
Day filled with worry and also days of deep content.
 For not  all years were good since we first got together.
Some days had blue skies and others  rotten weather.

Be it springtime with  sunny days, summer with its heat.
The brisk wind of autumn blowing or winter's snow and sleet.
No matter what luck came our way or how difficult the season.
You  made my life complete and gave my life more reason

 I love you for your gentle hands that wiped away my tears.
For your strong arms around me that chased away my fears.
Thank you for your loving heart that overlooked my ways.
For your humor and your smiles that brighten up my days.

You have been a friend to me,  plus my lover tried and true.
My companion upon life's seas, How could I not love you.?


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