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Poems About the Trucking Life

Written while I rode in a Semi with my truck driver husband

Wild Ride In Memphis.
By Joan Estelle High

We were riding around in Memphis, road was bumpy and we were tired.
Written directions that they gave to us, were the worst since he was hired.
Sure we had a sheet of note paper, That was inscribed with a crude map
We drove exactly like it showed us,  However it some how left a gap.

So it was round and round in Memphis, We drove that big yellow truck.
We drove it through the traffic lanes, And the construction filled with muck.
Next  we drove it to the exit ramp,  We changed to the proper lane.
We never could find that store, so we went around again, Around and around again.

Five times we drove our circle, Until we could take no more.
But no matter what route taken, We could not find that darn store.
Anxiety building in our desperation. We finally put on our thinking cap.
Notice the directions that they gave us , Did not begin to match our map.

It only took us two hours of driving around and  round about, 
 Until at  long last we finally figured  out  ourselves a  better route.
In  just a matter of time, we  were backing  into the loading door,
"Houston We Have Landed",  we had  finally  found that darn store.

Soon our trip through the  "Twill Light Zone" with its mysterious site,
The solution was perfectly clear and was  not a puzzle any more.
We realized that they did not tell the man who made the map
That the company had recently gone and totally moved the store.

Road Kill
By Joan Estelle High

Getting something to eat on the road, is not always a simple feat.
First you have to find parking, For a rig of more than sixty feet.
Then if you get really lucky, and your pockets full of money.
Food can still be a surprise, In this land of milk and honey.
We have ate at lots of truck stops, It was the only choice that we had.
A few times the food was pretty good. But most of the time it was pretty sad.
Just where they got the recipes, I would like to see that cook book.
I wouldn't mind the price they  charged. If they but knew how to cook.
One of the first rule of serving food, At least that is what I have been told.
Is that you serve hot food piping hot, And serve cold foods nice and cold.
Spaghetti Sauce does not a Taco salad make. Sausage patties should never be served rare.
They are not a piece or roast beef or steak. Good food means taking just a little extra care.
Nothing like sausage gravy over biscuits. It is a southern comfort food of old.
But not when the sausage is raw, And the milk gravy in thin and cold.
If you find some good food on the road, Make sure you stop and eat your fill.
Because the next place that you find,
Maybe serving the latest in "road kill".

Wednesday's Child
By Joan Estelle High

Wednesday's child walks down the road.
The wind is at his back.
Child of woe, walking slow,
All he owns is in his pack.

Wednesday's child walks down the road.
No smile is on his mouth.
In the North the cold winds blow
So he is walking South.

Wednesday's child walks down the road.
I hope he ate today.
He grows smaller in the mirror,
And finally fades away.

Wednesday's child walks down the road,
So sadly and all alone.
I can but say a prayer for him,
As we are heading home

Blue Bell Ice Cream
By Joan Estelle High
We stopped at a truck stop in the middle of the night.
I was hungry as I could be, I wanted everything in sight.
Searching in their freezer,  just to see what I could see.
I spied a pint of Blue Bell,  it was looking back at me.

If you have ever been to Texas, you know just what I mean.
It don't get any better than a pint of Chocolate Creme.
It's not for the faint hearted, cause it has got a lot of fat.
If I had to "OD"  on something, it don't come no better than that.

Then a kind and courtly Texan,  tells me the secret of this treat.
"Mam you nuke it for a minute, it makes it soft enough to eat"
Now thinking of my partner, I put two spoons  down in the sack.
I only meant to share my ice cream , but he wouldn't give it back.

Now the moral of my story, I will pass it  along to you.
If you are running with a partner, You  better sure as heck buy two.

Trucking Life
by Joan Estelle High
©January 2001

I am a trucker's wife and it is a mighty fine life.
Barreling down the road in the dark of night.
Hanging on for dear life, hoping we don't jackknife.
Watching out the window for the truck stop's light.

I am a trucker's wife and it is a mighty fine life.
Riding through the night on a dark bumpy road.
We're dodging 4 wheelers, missing road barrels,
It's South to San Antonio with an extra hot load.

I am a trucker's wife and it is a mighty fine life.
Looking out the front window at the Texas Sky.
We 'll be on time, keep following that white line.
If the road stays smooth and the pavement dry.

I am a trucker's wife and Lordy what a life.
Some days it's enough to almost make you cry.
No time to stop and eat, just grab a little treat.
To busy counting the mile marker as we go by.

I am a trucker's wife and it's not much of a life.
It is good that we two are out here together.
It don't matter which route we may be going.
One day it's sunny, next day it's rotten weather.

I am a trucker's wife and this life just sucks.
I am tired of peanut butter and peeing in a jar.
I tired of waking up wondering where we are.
But we stay out  because we need the bucks..

Stand Like a Man
by Joan Estelle High
© 2000

You truckers need to make a stand.
You are not a robot, you are a man.
Respect your self and you'll find it's true.
That the world will show respect for you.

That dispatcher won't pay your fine.
They will claim that they never knew.
The things that you put in your log books.
Often times were not exactly true blue.

Most companies will use you up.
Burn you out and get rid of you.
They don't know that you are alive
Only the truck number that you drive.

Don't show emotion, Never be late.
Don't make waves or make a mistake.
Jack knife your rig out on the road.
The first question asked is "How's the Load"

Brave Knights of the Road, it's up to you.
If you will detail all the work that you do.
Then at least you know that you tried,
A life of dignity, integrity and some pride.

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