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Poems About War and Warriors 

The Higher Place
by Joan Estelle High

The warriors have left us now for the "Higher Place".
As some  brave warriors often times are apt to do.
They are standing now in the presence of God's face.
As their life's work and all  their deeds pass in review.

The Ancients called this soldier's place, "Odin's Hall".
For Valhalla was a Norseman's  resting place of fame.
A special great hall of immortality with its spirals tall.
It was reserved for them who were in the battle slain.

So these strongmen of valor from every age and time,
Have one thing in common, they always gave their all.
Brave warriors, whose lives  often taken in their prime.
Now can celebrate together as they stand in Odin's Hall.

While the courageous others who survived the battles fray.
But who with willing spirits they had also proved their worth.
Most were the quiet heroes who lived to work another day.
Are also invited when they have served their time on Earth.

God always has a need for warriors, men both brave and true.
To battle against the force of evil and stand for what is right.
After he has seen their courage and knows what they can do.
He sends them to this special place, that's safe within His light.

God is gathering up his army, lead by the Angels from on high.
He is forming His battalions, getting His army firm in place.
He is preparing for that great and mighty day of reckoning,
When old Satan 's bill comes due, for messing with our race.

by Joan Estelle High

When  I look around the world today, 
I see poverty, sickness, stupidity and war.
We don't  need to invent a Hades in this time and place 
 The demons that lived in Hell, pried open a long lost door.
They are now out roaming around  this world,  
But  keeping  Hades as their home base.

Did they run out of souls to torture and to maim, 
or are our wars just so much more fun today.
The bombs are bigger, the loses greater, 
so many new techniques in the killing game.
And if they tire of that game, then they can let 
pestilence's and famine have their way.

Only Demons would  blow children  up just for fun 
Cause the weather to go amok, starvation is their aim.
Burn some cities down, and destroy them one by one.
They often howl with glee at the wounded and the lame.

I know  there are some people that like to say 
"There ain't no Hell", but I say "Hell there ain't".
Many say"  live your life, enjoy it , just live for today
The picture is not as always as  rosy as they paint.
A word of caution comes from me, it seems apparently clear
that when I died on some other plain.....I ended up down here.


Song playing is " 12th.Warrior "

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