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March of the Zombies.

*Being an old lady I find it hard some days to understand
 some of the violence occurring around the world.
We live in a era of rapidly changes values
and advance of technical inventions ,
that once would have seem like Sci-Fi. 
While these can be a positive influence of mankind,
it seems that some where we have lost a moral compass. 
We have made amazing progress in medical fields on one hand
and on the other hand are finding more ways to kill and maim ,
  both our perceived enemies and random innocent bystanders.
The gap between "have" and the " have nots" grows daily. 
Then. when  I looked  around,
 I formed my opinion  as to the source of man kinds problems
The may look like human but looking closer ,
we may realize that  not every thing in this world  is  human,

March of the Zombies
by Joan Estelle High

We watch Zombies  movies and have scary  fun with the Zombies.

But what is going on in the world today is not one bit humorous.
When I look at the news of what is happening in Syria, Iraq, and Gaza. is not a bit funny.

 I am appalled at the stories of the pain
and suffering being inflicted on the children and their families .  
I find it is hard to believe that human beings could be so evil.

  I have decided that some of these beings are not really human beings.
 I think they are soulless beings, empty shells that are but copies of us humans.
They may look more or less like us.  but they are just hollow clones of the human race.
They are a virus of  evil spreading like an epidemic.
Like Ebola they are  spilling  blood.

 Look into their eyes, you will see they have  but dark shadows .  
Not a speck of love or compassion   will be  reflected back.
You will not find any trace of wisdom only the cunning of a rabid demon.

As we journey through this world,
 we meet other souls that are in different levels of development.  
I see all of us
 traveling up a long stair case that goes up to the stars.

The shining souls above us will often reach down and help us to climb a little higher.
 Every once in a while a teacher shows up who can enlighten us.
 At times we advance quickly but other times it is much  harder to reach that higher level. 
Hopefully there will be times when we can  reach down and extend our hand :
 another wandering soul to advance. 

We have had a picture imprinted in our souls as to our end goal.
Even if we have to start over again at the bottom of the stairs,
 we keep on trying to get to the top of the mountain of God.

These soulless beings were created by Satan.
As only God can create a soul ,
they can never be more than shadow of a real person.
They will  know only this moment in time.
These inhuman clones are programmed to rape, maim and kill.
They destroy everything in their way.
   This is
 the job that Satan has made them for.
When they die they dissolve in a cloud of soot. 
No Karma for them. No second chance.
Just a final  dissolution. 
They just blow away like the dirt they are.
 Their father Satan has told them a lot of lies
but he will not keep any promise he has made to them.
Without a soul they can’t ever be anything more than they are today,
marching Zombies intended for destruction in the fires of hell.


Old Age and Senility
By Joan Estelle High

When you reach a certain age in this country , you are automatically thought to be senile.
People of all ages open doors for you.  That's  good.
 Stores may give you a small discount on purchases.  That helps.
However  few remember that even  with failing heath , some of us are still sound in our minds,
 if not  in our bodies. 
Old people are not necessary senile .

"The old gray mare ain't what she used to be "
but she may have more honesty
and insight than some of the younger generation even thought of.

This has been a week  where headlines bouncing around the world,
It has  caused me to pause  and wonder, what is happening to the America I grew up in. 
Christian are hoping and praying that it is time for their Christ  to return.
 Yet the same people are dancing in the streets
because  a man , however  bad he was , was hunted down and killed
 in the presence of his family.
Assassinating  has replaced  law and order
 In all the years since Jesus Christ walked this earth ,
we have not progressed past   an "eye for an eye" mentality. 
Why spend money on bringing these bad people to trial.
 Just spend the money on a vigilante group  that can serve as a judge,
jury and executioner . In the case of Osama Bin Laden the once CIA
agent was  thought or even known to be the master mind
of many terrorist attack on us here and abroad.
Some things  blamed on  him were actually work of others.

He was rumored to be dead for many years. Most of the time,
these dastardly people brag about their evil deeds. Wear them like
some kind of badge of dishonor. How ever this man always claimed that
While  he  was happy at what  happened  in New York,  911 it was not his doing.
 Sometime , somewhere the truth will find it way out.

With all that is going on in the world, earth quakes in Japan,
radiation  floating around, People trying to over throw governments all over
the world, this is a time for all people to take some time  contemplate
and try to change what can be changed to make things better..

Most seniors have their minds on  trying to survive in this economy. 
Not many of us  have money or power to change much about our world, 
The majority of seniors  never got the education and training
to enable them to lay up treasure from  our early years for our  later years.
We are just a negative  number for those that run our states
Taking up space and draining the resources.
But there has to be something we can do on the local level
to have our voices heard.
We had better get involved on our local level .
"Where have all the good people gone "

Loss of Hope ?
By Clifton  Roy Moudy

Red Flag Rule
By Joan Estelle High

Air Port Security
By Joan Estelle High
© 11-17-2010

My question is:
If there were pictures of  under age children  included
 is  this not a form  of  child pornography?
What  decent parent  would  stand by and watch anybody molest their  child ?
 Who would want to  expose their child  to something that could possibly 
 cause cancer years down the road ?
 Don't count on Government to protect your child.

Murder At Sea
By Joan Estelle High

By Joan Estelle High

If you want to get a larger picture of who and what the modern day Israelites are
Here are a list of some words you might want to look up. 
 I Google you might Bing.

Obama fails Americans
on Illegal  Immigrants.
By Clifton d Moudy
Aurora Mo.

Like I have said in the past, Clif is just an honest hard working man
who is willing to stand up and be counted on for an honest opinion.
Agree or don't agree we would like to hear from you.
J. High

Here We Go Again

By Joan Estelle High

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The Land of Opportunity
A poem by
By Joan Estelle High

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