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Thirty  Pieces of Silver
A Collection of Poems
by Joan Estelle High
© 6-30-1994


Acts 3:6
"this Peter said, Silver and Gold have I none,
But such as I have give I thee"

Thirty Pieces of Silver
by Joan Estelle High

Thirty pieces of silver and thirty pieces of gold.
The little scraps and fragments of my life unfold.
Records of thoughts and memories of my need.
I put down on paper for all the world to read.
My life wasn't heroic, I barely made it through
I did the  best I could, all  I knew how to do.
I guess this book of poems will be my legacy.
Making a small smudge on the page of history.
I do hope that  my sharing of my life with you.
Will give you inspiration, your spirit to renew.
While every little nuance of my soul lies bare.
I reach across the pages with a smile to share.


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