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Ever since I was a young child, I have been fascinated by the subject of angels.
I have always believed that I have a guardian angel assigned to watch over me.
Although I have never seen my personal guardian angel I believe he exists.
I know that he must have put in over time keeping my life on a even keel.
Looking back I thank God for all the times
When nothing bad happened to me.
For all the car wrecks that I never was in.
For all the sickness I never had.
Or all the danger that around me dwelt.
And never once entered into my head
I thank God for my guardian angel.
Who brought me cheer when I was sad.
Helped me find the light when it was dark.
Comforted me when I did wrong
Kept me company when the path grew hard.
Joan Estelle High

We won't ever know how hard our guardian angels have worked,
Until we stand before the throne of God and see our lives reflected
In the sea of glass that lies at the foot  of God.

This page is dedicated to Angels,   God's special messengers of Light.
St. Michael the Archangel

Michael the archangel has been known since ancient times.
His earliest recorded history was with the Chaldeans 
where he was considered a god.
He is the chief of the Archangels
and is known and recognized by the three major religions.
His name is some times different, 
he is called Sabbathiel and Mikail 
and also known as Saosyhant the redeemer.
The 85th psalm has been credited to him.
He is thought to be the angel that kept Abraham 
from killing his son.
May have also been the angel in the burning bush 
as seen by Moses.
Sarah thought she recognized him 
as one of the 3 men who appeared to Abraham.
He has often been  described as having wings of emerald green
covered with golden hair and many eyes. 
Or with patterned peacock wings.
Michael is mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls 
where he is called the "Prince of Light"  

We will take a look at the various angels as they have been portrayed in story and song.
We will feature poems that mention angels on these pages. 
If you have an original poem about angels
you would like to share with us please send it to
The Crystal Lady: email  crystal @crystallady.com

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