What is a  Chakra?

It is thought that we have 7 major centers of energy connecting the body and soul.
 Healers in the past have often considered these point as wheel of lights (Chakras) 
It is important to keep these points clear and the body's energy flowing freely. 
Each  Chakra has it's own location in the body,  it's own color vibration 
and it's own  relationship to the different glands of the physical body. 
Sometimes the  Chakra can become blocked. 
This can Result  in impediment of the life force. 
It is thought that this can lead to disease and disorders  in the physical body. 
Blockage can occur  sometimes because we  attract individuals in to our lives
and they  leave a negative effect on our emotions and lives. 
Repressed negative emotions can have an effect on the body and can block the  Chakra. 

With the help of crystals or power wands, it is possible to restore the energy balance.
 Thus enhancing your physical fitness and your mental clarity. 
It is believed that the crystals have an electrical  magnetic energy.
 This energy in  the hands of right person can be used to clear the  Chakras.
This in turn can help  restore the natural balance. 

All healing comes from the divine and power wands are but tools. 

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