I am just an old soul who has been around the block a time or two.
I have either been there and done that or I know somebody who has.
Wisdom comes  from God We also gain wisdom from our experiences

here on Earth You don't need psychic hot lines. Just ask the Crystal Lady.



Sometimes just getting an independent opinion can help you
clarify what you want or need to do about the problem
Just the fact of organizing your thoughts can do wonders

A Secret
By Joan Estelle High



I would like to tell you a secret.
If you
  promise not to tell anybody.
It is told by
to me by spiritual  leaders  from long ago.
It is said that we exist in another spirit
 long before we are born on this plane
  of existence.
Others wise men  tell us about
 reincarnation , which has its own  set of rules.
Many people all around the world
  know about this so it is not a Secret.
 But some people don’t know we pick our own mother , father and family circles.
Sometime we are getting a chance to resolve our difference with members of our family.
If we don’t work things out in one life time it is likely
we will have to meet them in a future place until
  we get things right.
We have a gift to give,  or a debt to repay   or a lesson we need to learn  before we can move on. In this life we were given a general set of rules   which are to help us to grow spiritually.  One of these rules is to honor your mother and father.
They don’t have to be perfect but your job is to  show them respect .
But not if  they are telling you to break any of the other rules like Lying, Stealing, Cheating, Murder etc.
  If you don’t learn this lesson of submitting yourself to authority of your parents ,then you are heading for a hard road, my friend. 
You will waste  a lot of time butting your head against walls ,
when you could have just gone around them.
Well just a few thoughts to share with you.
The Crystallady


Drinking and Driving
by Joan Estelle High


As a non-drinker, I don't like drunks. I don't like drunks that drink and drive.
If you hurt somebody because of you stupidity, jail time is what you deserve.
I guess calling somebody a drunk is not politically correct now.
I am suppose to call them alcoholics right!
Alcoholism is one one of the few self inflicted disease you can get.
But if you work at it, you will probably ruin your health and the rest of your life.
Won't do your family much good either. Family abuse is a common result of alcohol use.
Over the years, I have formed the opinion that alcoholics are on the whole a very selfish lot.
Alcohol is the fire escape but most alcoholics have other deep seated problems
that need therapy. You can never get cured of being an alcoholic.
But you can get dried out  and regain control over your life.

Winners and Losers
By Joan Estelle High

Did you ever stop to wonder who or what is running the universe?
Or if anybody is  running the universe we know,  here in the present age.
Maybe the effects we see are results of actions long past
Like the "Big Bang theory"
God may have gotten every thing started  and
then left for a far distant universe.
Maybe He started up a new project in another time and place.
We could be a flawed experiment that He has gotten weary of.
Many people have claimed to have conversations with Him,
but in this world wide era of communications nobody has seemed to capture Him
with their cell phone or put His voice on tape.
Perhaps He may choose to only be an observer and has a non-interference policy
much like a Captain on a Star Trek adventure.
Just wants to see what His creation can do with what they were given.
Give us the ball and tells us to run for  a touch down.
Hate to mention this to God but we need a little more couching.
Maybe we need a new couch like the Dallas Cowboys  did.
I have always
 thought of God as a  being  with a very organized and intelligent  mind.
 Looking at his creations , He seems to like items in His world neat and orderly.
Planets and other heavenly  bodies seem to have a planned orbit. 
They don't go running off in all directions but stay in the path prescribed for them.
According to our folk lore even heaven is divided up into layers.
Angels are set up like an army with different ranks and jobs.
Gravity follows laws and the sun comes in the same place in the sky every day.
The elements can be counted on to give the same results under same conditions.

It is said that the definition of insanity is doing something over and over and expecting
  different results.
So judging from the evidence we can see and comprehend, God is a rational and sane god.
Now there is supposed to be a little spark of God with in all of us
The best of us show it sometimes and the worse of  us hide it most of the time.
  It is said we were made in His image.
 I guess they we talking about some kind of spiritual image.
People come in so many size, shapes and colors we can’t all look like God.
Other wise He would be one funny looking dude, wouldn’t He ?
 Sometimes I think God is an author writing His little plays
  and  then He assigned some of us to play different roles.
Some of us get to live in mansions and have loving families
 That  often gives us the
 advantage of a good education,
We can
 get  a healthy mind and body
and a
 life  that  treats us with a generous hand.
For other they get a life that beats them up pretty badly.
Some never know what it feels to have a clean body or have a full belly,
 Or the shelter of a warm home or folks that care for them.
 I guess the ones that are “Billie Bad Asses”
 have some kind of amnesia  
and don’t remember that they started out as a child of God.
Or they are just caught up in playing their roles that they get lost in their parts
Perhaps they have gone over to the dark side to be with Satan.
Boy  are they in for some bad news later in this story.
I wonder if we are marked as Winners and Losers before we are born to our lives here.
 Maybe it is nothing personal just the luck of the draw.
 Some people say our life is based on Karma
 and what goes around comes back to kick us in the rear.
Something to thing about either way.

Thoughts On a Winter Day

By Joan Estelle High

Well, today I looked into the mirror and asked myself “where are you at?”

The face reflected   back had more lines than a Texas size road map.

I thought about the words to that song that says, “I am too young to be this dam old”

I look down at my wrinkled hand and saw   my wedding band which is my only gold.


Made of stronger metal than I was, it weathered many years and still looks bright.

Time only gently rubbed it smooth and gave the gold a patina of gentle golden light

But time was not that good to me,   what glow I had is now long gone.

So as I enter the December of my life   I am not sure just where it is that I belong.


I feel that I have drifted through my life on a huge dune of shifting sand.

The only treasure I own is that wedding band upon my wrinkled old hand.

Disappointments came my way,   my heart still feels the sadness of the pain.

And if the choice is ever mine to make, I won’t be coming back here again.


 Should I ever leave my Father’s house again to wander though time and space.
I will check my travel passport to see what is written both on the back and face.

I think, I should have noticed before I agreed to ride in that star class cruiser

That mine was stamped with big red letter that said “She is  to  play  a loser”


There is a old saying that we are not suppose to judge our fellow man or woman for that matter
until we have walked in their moccasins.


Agree or Disagree, let me hear from You. 



©Joan Estelle High


What a glorious history we have in this country
What an absolute beautiful country from "sea to shining sea"
This huge vast domain of un paralleled  beauty entrusted to us
Yes we have problems,  but with all our problems we are lucky to live in this land.
What a vision  the men and woman who founded the United States Of America had
.What a miracle it was that they brought  together  such a diversity of people
And made them one land and one people united under our beautiful flag of 'Freedom"
Let us never forget the word "Freedom"
Let us vow that we will  always continue to strive for " Freedom"
Political freedom, Economic freedom, Spiritual freedom
First  to all our people no matter what the race or creed..
then spread the concept of freedom to every nation and people  on Earth.



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