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* Texas  Job Wanted Board.
If  you are looking for work,
you may post an ad here with no  charge. 
It will be up to you to decide to accept contact or an offer of employment.
Just be careful and don't put your self in a situation that could be dangerous.
 I won't post your  contact information but will forward any replies direct to you.
 I will be glad to post job opening from  a legal business with  a direct contact number if I can verify the location and the job.
I know how rough it is out there and maybe we can be helpful. 
Mrs. High.


Hi-Lites By High
General Photography
Featuring photos by Edward High
Also guest photographer
Ted Taylor

This is our Letter's to the Editor  Bulletin Board.
They say that is is better to
 light one little candle then to curse the darkness.

Here is the place for you
to put your little candle.

Speak out against  darkness, sin,  government and just plain injustice.
The time may be coming ,
when we don't dare speak out

 Keep it lean and keep it clean.

What are UFO's
Space Travelers
Visitors from the Future
Hollow Earth People
Military Testing Air Crafts
Write us a letter and
tell us what you think they are..


What's Cooking ?
Calling all cooks.
Come share your favorite recipes with us
We have cleaned out our recipe box and need to hear from you with some new ideas.


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