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* My Pedigree
I got to thinking about all the mothers and grandmothers 
that have gone down the road of life a head of me.
So I put together with help from information both known 
and gathered from the internet  a list of all my mothers.
If you see a name you are related to, please let me know.
Names include: Binkley, Woodward,  Pilcher, Phillips,  Davis, Cresson,  Steelman, Thurston,
Binkley Family Tree
North Carolina Branch  which includes 
Binkley,  Pilcher, Hauser, Mock, Woodward and Miller  included.
Byrnes Family Tree
 Byrnes, Byrne, Burns, Burnes and Byrn family information.
Plus related families such as Smith as info become
We have room for your Byrnes queries and other Byrnes families from Baltimore, Maryland

High Family Tree
 The Texas Branch  includes, 
Lewis,  Coen, Deforce and  Duke,  Goolsby, Wise, Clark, Slocum, and Trotter.
 English High Family includes:
Waller, Hunt, Clark, Hammond,  Reeve, Hargrave and  Sainty


Klerlein  Family Tree
 American Branch   include 
Byrnes, Decker, Wack,  Smith
Some information available for the  European Klerleins
 a include  Dutke or Duttke, Fittel, Kotula,  Schneidern, Barthsin,
 Franke, Soller, Sellnacht, Winkelmoller

 Joan High


Woodward Family Tree
Which includes Miller .
This may be the most interesting  family on my family tree.
Lots of early history of the Woodward 
and sometimes spelled Woodard Family on the Net. 
They seem to have the most unusual first names.
Originally from England there were pockets of them in Mass., 
N. H., Pa, Va., N.C, S.C. and Ala. 

My grandfather was John Mack Woodward born 1891 in Statesville N.C.
He was the son of John Richard Woodward who married a Laura Susan Miller.
We think they were  from the Woodwards  from Wake County .N.C.