The Crystal Lady

The Dream Catchers
Introduction By Joan Estelle High



American Indians have a legend about dream catchers.
Different tribes have slightly different legends with spiritual meanings.
Basically  the story  is built around a spider spinning a web.
Depending if you are Chippewa or Sioux. The bad dreams
are caught in the web and are gone in the morning light.
The good dreams pass through the hole in the web.
Or the bad dreams pass through the hole in the center and
the good dreams are caught in the web. Personally I like letting
the good dream in and eradicating the bad one in the morning light.
Most authentic dream catchers are very small and are hung over
the baby or person bed. Some are tear shaped and often wrapped in
leather with feathers that dangle from the bottom. Once the feather
were from Eagles which was a powerful  totem but today they use
Roosters feathers.  I guess "a chicken in the pot" is a good omen.
Not quite the same as flying on the wings of an eagle.
Anyway our object here is to catch a few of your best dreams
and shine a little light of understanding on them.


If you search the Christian bible you will find many references to dreams.
Starting with Jacob in Genesis who dreamed of a ladder reaching heaven.
Then  to Moses whom God told that He would  give him visions and dreams.
 In the story of Job  whom God told that when a man sleeps 
God opens the ears and gives instructions so that he might not perish.
In Jeremiah God  says The prophet that has a dream let him tell the dream
and he that has my word , let him speak my word faithfully.  He also
warms about those that prophesy false dreams.  Even in the New Testament
dreams are mentioned. In Matthew we find the dreams given to Joseph
that tell him to take Mary as his wife.  The Wise Men were warned in a dream
and Joseph was told to take his family  to Egypt.  In Act Paul was
told to go to Macedonia and later to preach without fear.
My favorite quote is from Act Chapter 2
words which were spoken by the prophet Joel.

" And it will come to pass in the last days. saith God, I will pour out of my spirit, upon all flesh and your son's and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men will see visions  and your old man shall dream dreams"   



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